Iphone iCloud backup everything as before?

Hello friends, I have a problem. I'll have to buy myself a new iphone but am not sure what to do because I do not want to lose my entire photo albums and videos and can. Now has my equipment a good friend to make an iCloud backup. now I am still a bit confused because I do not know if all my photos and videos will also be on the new Iphone. Can someone help me?

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I guess the iCloud will not last. There you have only 5Gb storage. Carry the backup on the computer - everything is saved. Purchases are not saved in the backup but transferred to the computer

Make the backup rather on your (if any) Mac Book. I once had the same problem. You have your I phone to connect with your Mac Book and then make the backup

If you want to make a backup, rather then on the computer, because it is safer there and then you can have safebeing that your files such as pictures, videos, links, (or porn pictures (;), and so listed again can :) ^ ^

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Make the backup rather on your pc in iTunes

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