Is 200 MB Internet a lot?

Hi folks :) I have a smart phone, but go so never (except on wifi) to the Internet. I am offered, where you can zubuchen as prepaid monthly rates, and I would like a fare zubuchen with 200 free minutes and -SMS. Plus, there's 200MB of high-speed Internet, which I actually do not necessarily need, but that's just it. I just never really go to the Internet with the mobile phone I have no idea how much that actually is!

How much Internet consumed her because as day / month and what do you do all that? Or what do you estimate you can do with 200 MB? Thanks in advance! :)

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pick up and off for occasional surfing, e-mail and short distances with an online navigation extends it.

It depends heavily on how many apps you have installed and, "mobile data" disable with apps to go over Wi-Fi online. This brings you more usable bandwidth.

Also, the network plays a role. If reception is poor and more data is being loaded. In addition, compressed z. B. Vodafone. Then you can do more with 200MB.

Read to e-mail it reaches all times when you download you anything or look at vidoes should go

If you eh never go to the Internet, extends the already ^^ For one who is regularly surfs the pretty little .. Some consume 8GB per month on the phone. ;)

This is very little, I do not surf as much with the phone (when else over the Internet) and consume it about 400-500 Mbs per month. Sincerely broccoli :)

Go comes to the price of

With 200 MB not kommste far! Look 20 music videos on and off are se .....

200MB is not much. At least not if you look for example videos on Youtube.

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