Is 70e too large for a 13 year old?

Hey, Just wanted to ask if 70 e is too large because at school always all me look stupid to not only the students, the teacher :( unfortunately it remains not only in looks but comments and grab came about :( What should I do and is too big? (Hab bigger than my mum) Lg lala

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the sounds from my view in the did for a problem. to join the Probelme that you do not yet have now screen on. back discomfort, especially. therefore it may be duchaus that here a breast reduction can be classified as medical notwending and makes duchaus meaningful. already alleieine back because of your. tu me so the like, and say time with your family doctor about it and PLEASE thinking seriously about ...

what looks stupid and comments betrift other hand, you will not be able to do much. but whoever grabs, which you should cut down on the finger. maybe not literally, but in the form of a display example for that is sexual harassment!

if it's one of your classmates who do not have one 14, it will bring nothing, he is about 14, probably not much. meaningful it would be here, now talk about looking for a with the school management. is a erwachsner, especially a teacher, I strongly advise to display. Such people are in fact not to teach in a position children.

lg, Anna

Love Lala,

an E cup is already quite large. And then to have an E-Cup with 13, is rather rare. So strictly speaking, almost impossible to believe. But every woman is endowed by nature different. One gets almost nothing and the other is rich "blessed".

Of course the other girls will catch up in your class yet, but you'll always be a woman with a large bosom be and remain. Perhaps it helps to know you that other women her breasts artificially to this size bring (keyword: silicone)

Against grab and wisecracks You should be, of course, to fight back. Particularly grab not the point. Something should you report a teacher.

When you are grown in a few years and you your bust still interfere, then you can surgically reduce the breasts also. But this is not yet.

in a few months other girls have also caught then biste again "Normalo"

That's fucking great if you already have an e Cup have now - but you can make as much. I hope you are doing something for your back or you'll get hurt someday

That sounds to me like obesity.

No, you let anything convince of stupid comments and glances. Many are probably just jealous and you can not change the nature sowiese. You are not yet fully grown. In some years, your breasts will surely fit to the body. Have enough self-confidence !!!

Then be happy, others would like your age so what. Can be proud of it.

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