Is a Halti for the dog owner useful?

Hello a question to you because of a Halti. My Dog (Jack Russell Parson mix) is very poor on a leash. This means that he draws constantly. Particularly in districts where he has not been before, one has after Gassigehen long arms ... Today a woman taking a walk if I do not even want to try a Halti said. That would not be bad for the dog and it would be better on a leash. What are your experiences?

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My dog trainer always says about Halti: Who uses a Halti, who has no time ... ^^

Heeling takes up his time. And it comes to a large extent on your patience.

For me personally a Halti is the use of strong compulsion, I left my first dog school when I was there, they come to Halti ... And my dog ​​is much greater than yours! :)

He is now three and a half and I distinguish between correct go "heel" and the signal "slow". "Slow" means: Zerr 'me I have reached the breaking change direction and are, in other words: The dog had never tug with success ... ^^, initially you can not, however, so really cover range ... :)

The Halti suppresses the symptoms but does not address the cause.

The annoying pulling is quickly resolved, as it allows the dog's head rotates backwards when it starts running. To that extent it blocks itself and can not move. However, he is therefore not the same leash, and that should a dog but always be. You can use the Halti times when you have iwo to where the dog must urgently act (Restaurant or so) but generally you have to practice with him, practice, practice that you can do it even without Halti. Out is a solution so, in the long run but not. Go times in a dog school, since "on a leash" and go "Heel" is practiced and explained :) Otherwise there is the tactic, always turning as soon as the dog pulls. Eventually checked every dog ​​that it only goes on when it is running smoothly. But since I know some Jackys and still a few other specialists who are too excited in such situations to be able to think clearly, I would stay only are and let the dog make seat. When he sits, he has to do it quietly. Only at your command takes. At very excited races I find that the better solution, because I know some dogs that could not care less if you walk back or who simply want to run just anywhere. The sitting is of course stupid, because not one moves yes;) In addition, I can bring a dog better to rest when he sits, as if I herschleife him behind me: D

In some dogs variant is A with the reverse very well with other dogs variant B with the seats better. So that opts for the dog. Nevertheless, a dog school would be recommended :)

A Halti at a terrier, I think quite simply is nonsense ...

Excuse take lay me not bad, but what people tell you 'on dog walks all should you ever written, believe me that can sometimes result from fits of laughter to kullernden tears that all packaged in book form and has a filled with irony and sarcasm encyclopedias about things what people are all about their dog to be convinced of the leash. ;-)

Taking Your dog ALWAYS so strongly on the lead or only in areas where it was not before?

If he draws mainly in areas where it was not previously, then that has to do with uncertainty, each new stimulus stimulates the cells and increases the excitation position of the dog that is the way with us humans no different.

A Halti I would personally recommend, if the ratio of dogs and owners is very unequal, as petite young woman with NEM Molossians on a leash and also there will ALWAYS doubly secured, that the dog is normally attached to a harness and to the Halti is either the other side of the canvas, or a second line that can then search for the holder. It is important that the dog is used to the Halti in advance, that he carries the Halti like people wear glasses, namely without really perceive otherwise changed the behavior of your dog and it is precisely to avoid.

The Heeling takes time as of bag child already described, eg Bina Lunzer has adjusted to a great instructional video on YouTube, plus there is also a webinar which is then evenly more detail, but so learned each dog's leash but you should also appear on any existing uncertainties / anxieties eighth, because they are often responsible for a passing dog.

Only right but I would not Halti in a restaurant or similar for the dog strong grabbing things recommended because if the dog in a restaurant is strongly excited, and then such a thing possibly even aufbekommt untrained, then you hurry probably fun but fun is the gestures which will show the dog then presumably far, at least not for the dog ...

A head halter (Halti or Gentle Leader) to correct overshooting behavior of a dog on a leash. It is an educational tool that can help with knowledge used to correct dog behavior. However, it should lead to normal behavior on a leash without a head halter.

The correct use one learns in a humanely acting dog school.

On the other hand tug on a leash when a line is generally too short. will run if not communicative with them.

Please practice only with a 5 meter line running on a leash. So that the dog never pulled back or anything is where pulled. The dog is stopped only when he draws.

The dog learns that he by train on a lead nowhere (!) Comes out.

If you start now still alternatively with positive reinforcement and hiding - and search operations, and Balanciereinheiten on a leash will also begin to orient themselves on the line guard dog.

This behavior is expanded. The dog learns walk within the radius of its line length to run and also communicates with its holder

Look out at the video, it explains the whole very good. I wish you success!

From Haltis I personally nothing.

Did quite well so far got a grip with the trick just to go in the other direction away when she precedes me too far or already pulling my dog.

Eventually the game each dog is too stupid and he realizes that he no longer comes with pull.

Otherwise, the dog helps Spatzieren go just to have a job. For stubborn running, as do most, utilized a dog from tidy. For example, since Dummytraining, tracking search, etc. Mantrailing Overworked helps to head out right and gives the animal a useful purpose.

First of all, I would like to point out that a Halti anyway not belong in the hands of an inexperienced dog owner. With a Halti can namely mess much with a dog. And you really need now no Halti, moreover, in such a small Stoppelhopser. This is something I never would have taken even with our strong sheepdogs.

Get if he draws too much, a matching crockery and train with him with a lot of patience to go slowly. If I was traveling with my dogs, I always - if they have moved - a long, wide fuuuuu said ß, then they responded. It also does not mean "heel", because that is a herbal plant, it says only FOOT! I have my German Shepherds trained all themselves.

So again Halti in no case, the lady really had no idea.

Here is a good article about it:

That you both should go with the animal necessarily in a dog school. Underutilized JR learn not run during walk with Halti.

I think nothing of it!

Uebe please leinefuehrung intense and persistent (in youtube there in animal learn good videos ..

often but also helps better one visit a good, non-violent parent hundeschule because human often does not notice that he makes errors against over his dog ...

When a Halti then only under expert guidance. So you can build a lot of crap.

Heeling can hinbekommen be different.

The hold can help very good in my opinion, but you should still work or go to dog school.

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