is a relationship of friendship?

Hello I became recently 13 and my girlfriend was a little bit more 13 I'm with you already are long friends and wanted to ask whether from the friendship relationship, will film in friendship a relationship but how it looks in the reality of , you also have something experienced fals yes can you tell me. Thank you for the first time

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In your age I met with other things busy and you are 13 years of age because you'll still know what in movies fake or reality, or do you also to Cars ??

If it's because sometime Sparks? The driving element in a relationship is something other than a friendship ... cooking to eating one takes a glow or a small fire, a firework, it requires more explosive ...

It can of course happen but you are still full of young. Why do you think now of such a thing? Enjoy but prefer your friendship and life, ne relationship you will have soon enough! ; P

In films still happen very different things: D it Mögt you as more than just friendship? Wait dear again a few years .. A relationship is more than just "get together".

If I were you, I'd leave me anyway times.

YES but here you need to contact body care = less is more and maid to kiss you at the right instant. and rubbish not so much. women like it to tease out things of men;)

A relationship can be drauß but it should be true love and not just "you wilslt be with me" not "yes why"

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