is a rottweiler \ kangal hybrid one or no list dog in brandenburg

I have a question is a rottweiler \ kangal mischling a list dog because the is no kangal and the rottweiler one in Brandenburg.

The best answer

The regulations and laws define hybrids of at least one listed race also as a list dogs.

But since it is a hybrid, it is likely no breeding records, let alone give pedigrees. The exact race of your dog and the parents is thus a hybrid of conjecture and reading the coffee grounds. The race of mixed blood is the proof in my opinion not available. So much for the legal "control".

So you you could also think of any another mix that is not completely wrong. The competent authorities and agencies to follow suit or something else say that is pure coincidence.

also hybrids of so-called. List dogs are listed as list Dogs!

also mixed race a list dog geltn as list dogs.

so you must meet the conditions for listing dogs!

nothing easier to answer than the ....

Just look after the country Dogs Act füt Brandenburg ... (which is also online)

And then you learn also that mix is ​​given a list of dog as well as a pure list dog ...

Rottweiler apply in Brandenburg as list dogs. Mixed race with a race which is on the list to be treated equally as list dogs.

http: // ...

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