Is airplane flying gefehrlich?

I heard last week crashed an airplane. is flying gefehrlich

The best answer

It's safer driving than driving a car and bike!

Although Was my response to fear of flying, but fits well here:

You crashes with a probability of 0.00000007 percent. This Absturtz survive you with a probability of over 95%!

In your place I would never again go to the car, the probability of dying is the 0.01% !!! The chance to become a cripple or seriously injured go to the 1% when motoring.

Approximately 500 people die in plane crashes worldwide, while about 4,000 people come in Germany alone in a traffic accident.

Your plane will not abstürtzen, and even if it should come between falling to one who can pilot the landing rule yet sure against fire on board are extinguishing systems installed everywhere, the plane can still fly, engine, with a and mostly even land if both blowing plants have failed, which is then nothing more than an oversized segelflieger.

Conclusion: It is dangerous to drive to the airport, but to fly then.

A few more tips for you as you vlt. less anxiety have:

1: Come early in the airport, so you do not panic get, not to get the flight that saves even stress on the ground

2: you reserve a seating next to emergency exits on the hydrofoil, here you feel turbulence considerably less, since the wings to catch much.

3: In no event alcohol, no caffeine, which increases blood pressure and doing your psyche not good

4: steering you off, talk to the seat neighbor, doing sudokus, reading, higher form music or look for a movie to.

5: You can do relaxation exercises: chin against breast press, heels ramming into the ground and tighten all muscles, relax after eineigen seconds again. (Really helps)

Flying is the safest way to travel through skin.

Driving or even go on foot, since far more dangerous. Even traveling by train is less certain.

If you now ask yourself why it and so are the much less accidents with trains, is the turn, which is a plane crash, usually published much more than other traffic accidents ..

On de streets die weekly of people, if not daily. Even accidents involving trains are indeed rare, they must not derail yes, it's enough if it has a brake violently between train to hurt several people because people are the case could lose his balance.

Accidents involving aircraft are much rarer.


No aircraft is according to a recent study, the safest way to travel. From 400,000 aircraft crashes only one.

it crashes more than once every 5 years from a FIugzeug !!! This is the safest way to travel !!!

Yes ... I often fly by plane and I must admit that I sometimes am afraid, but nothing happens;)

I heard last week crashed an airplane.

Me too.

is flying gefehrlich

No, that's not happening every week.

No, flying is the safest means of transport in the world, except the copilot wants suicide commit (to have been last week so)

Generally not, since not make yourself crazy

Yes - it is dangerous. You can fall down.

Is driving dangerous to it? Yes -. Also You can drive into a tree or off the road. The same is true for the motorcycle.

Is cycling dangerous? Yes - also you can fall on your nose, to graze the knee or popping on the bulb and break down the skull..

.. And what about walking? Also dangerous! It could be a car coming or a tram, a bus or a truck. Or wenns quite stupid running a plane from above falling on your head.

.. And also because Zugfahrenß Every now and then something and there are dead and injured!

Is it dangerous to it, to be in bed? Yes - can you meet the heartbeat because you you too much thought about doing things that are just now times to life.

Life is dangerous, but will stop now times out instead and not just at home on the bed!

So: Live your life without constantly thinking about what could happen to you all. For questions or problems you can help your physician.

.. And: Your spelling is also dangerous!

Is the safest ever. The road by car to the airport is dangerous

No, it is the safest form of transport

The question is how do you stand for airplane flying ???

Just like the wonder car ride or train travel dangerous to it!

Flying is basically safe as driving a car, the time can an airplane crashes nobody prevent exactly soi as accidents are

It is only dangerous if the pilot has psiychische disorders

Is the safest form of travel.

I'm leit for my rehtschreibung

Everything you do is a certain art dangerous.

drive train, drive a car, go on the road, smog breathe and even eat pizza is more dangerous than flying.

But a risk is also there where - just like in everything you do.

Except you are sleeping, who sleeps not haha ​​sins

No. It is the first safe transport, ever!

Your spelling is dangerous

Driving is much more dangerous than flying. Do not head is not so dangerous

driving safer than car

The question is always, WHY crashes a plane? The aircraft and thus the flight as such are seen empirically secure.

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