Is an e-book reader the same as a tablet?

So you can also listen to music with the Ebook Reader, go to the Internet unso?

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No. Ebook reader specialize in reading eBooks. You have an e-ink display, which can be easy on the eyes to read eBooks without being reflected or reflected - even in bright sunlight. They consume little power, a battery charge lasts for weeks, even if you read every day for several hours. So for reading ebooks an ebook reader is much more comfortable, eye-friendly, lightweight, handy and less sensitive than a tablet.

Some ebook reader models also have audio capabilities, so that can be MP3 (music, audio books) and TTS (Text to Speech => eBooks to read) and have headphone jack.

Browsing the Internet is not really with Ebook readers; only the connection to the eBook store, so buy eBooks and download.

In Ebook readers should make it, which ebook formats it can read and if there is a store-binding. Since there's namely large differences, depending on whether you (... Tolino, PocketBook, Kobo) takes a Kindle device or an Amazon-alone device.

A pure, most effective reader can only be used to read ebooks. The newer ones are now already fully grown and tablets are also offered that.

No one ebook reader can by far not so much as a tablet and it has a paper display that can only anzegen schwar and white


No one Ebook Reader is suitable only for reading, it is therefore independent since the reading on a tablet the eyes over time damages (such as the work on the screen) with a reader has no problems.


No, on the ebook reader you can only read. Can you on the tablet but also, so it would be I guess makes more sense to get a tablet.

Depends on what you have for a device. My only show books to read and has a black and white display.

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