Is cancer from cat to dog contagious through saliva


I desperately I have a cat and a dog, the two are always together and love each other intensely and just share everything food, sleeps, toys and me, but unfortunately it was found about 2 weeks ago with my cat Tigerli cancer she has a jaw tumor unfortunately is no longer curable.

The vet said he could no longer help her to the tumor with the grown pine and it is not sure if you ever coped chemo because you have to be down to under anesthesia you (17 years) probably not survive in their old age. The TA you are most 1Monat.

I have a black German Shepherd (6 years) of flat is very intimately with the cat and getting their food yet they no longer want now I'm afraid that he might yet with cancer of your contagious could they in by the tumor pine can not close the mouth properly and you often salivary rausläuft so often when eating, it is possible that he might yet with cancer might contagious through saliva, I have to worry about and should I keep the two from a rander away what should I do both love each other and I love both, it is possible that my dog ​​later but gets cancer of her or is cancer from cat to dog not contagious I'm afraid do not want to lose both. What should I do.

GGLG Miau and Wau Heike

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Cancer in cats can be discharged through a virus to other cats over. The FeLV (leukemia virus = blood cancer) can have numerous tumors result. but far as I know he is contagious only from cat to cat. transferable No way to humans. But if you would like to feel better with an expert opinion, then call tomorrow but simply times when at Nottierarzt. Such questions answer on the phone, for free.

Cancer is not contagious, neither in humans nor in animals!

It is very sad what is going through your cat, but I think at her age she will be happy if they then have their rest. And no, cancer is not contagious. Not from person to person, not from animal to animal. You need you to worry so so.

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