Is dog trainer a female profession

Is a dog trainer, a typical female profession?

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Dog trainer is of course a woman. But there are also dog trainers = male. Here the ratio is female / male fairly balanced.


the dog trainer (as neutral name) is not a profession. Anyway, no teaching.

Every person who claims to have been actively involved with the education and socialization of dogs, must be accountable to the competent authorities, due to the revision of the Animal Welfare Act, to prove his own ability.

Fortunately, one must no longer as simply as dog trainers.



The only all-female professional, I know, is mother.

Male dog trainers are certainly rare ...

As a dog trainer but generally is not a typical professional, the question falls flat ...

if you in writing yes coach, otherwise not. I know only male (with one exception, but the "trained" inzw. Dog trainer)

A dog trainer by definition is a woman. But it 's gives also a dog trainer.

No, make men! But that do pack thus truly independent, is more likely in women! Men do that rather than soldiers, hunters or policemen - or casual! Have fun!

There are at the present time no typical female professions.

And yes a Trainierin is always are also enough Trainier.

No. There are also famous male dog trainer we Rütter Martin and Cesar Milan

All professions can learn women

Dog trainer / dog trainer is not a professional training!

Dog trainer or dog trainer may each call ...

A dog trainer is probably mostly female ...

Trainer = Female

Trainer = Male

Yes, coach is always feminine!

Is there something about skin? A female or male job? It can do that learn everything :)

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