Is dog urine at stake lawn dangerous for children


can not find anything on Google. always If only there that the grass is yellow. My question: Is dog urine dangerous for children? I live recently in an apartment where the garden is designed as a game lawn. A roommate can because his 2 smaller dogs 4-5 times rumspringen day. If now with my grandchildren there to play football - of course begin with goalkeeper and ball, I'm worried about the urine. Kot I've never seen. But may also be that the manure is removed! Remember however, some remains then but hanging on grass - gained any insight from my apartment. I know, rain washes the Pippi from, but if it is not raining ?? The ball goes also under the hedges, where almost no rain reach. I love dogs, but the health of my grandson comes first. Who can give me an answer.

What about the urine or Kotanhängsel on grass and under the hedges?

Preliminary times thanks


The best answer

Why should dogs urine for his dangerous? Also: your grandchildren not lick the lawn yes from! Not more than what comes to clothes and washed.

Then parks and other lawns would indeed absolute taboo. ;)

That's ncht dangerous for a lawn is only yellow, or brown when the dog urinates repeatedly in the same place, besides dog pee do not like in their own garden and for the third it is definitely not leave your dangerous, the kids drink it ja not . if time bacteria are taken up which is even good, children develop growing up in a totally clean environment later many allergies and are much more susceptible to disease

quite honestly, at einkaufswagen the supermarket you see not what viruses and batery on hand are understood him anyway.

so it is enough, if you do wash your hands when you played and goes into the house.

the rest did you then when you were child bothered to thought or your parents.

at my grandparents of the dog also has the garden which lifted ebin and auhc times in the middle of the meadow a heap made since you only looked that one purely stepped nciht, but not if put on the eien week remnants were later on grashalm.

thou art too much thought

I guess, the children are brought up, they the ball not to be confused with ice, or.

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