Is Dragon Age Inquisition on the PS3 worth buying?

Hello, I have played the first two Dragon Age games on the PS3 and consider zuzulegen also Inquisition. Since the release, I have many good things about the game is as far as the current gen consoles. But on the PS3 and Xbox360 there should have been significant problems. It was said, among other things, the graphics would have been downgraded partly intentionally to selling new console generation drive, it also occurred its overheating and serious crashes that have tw the Systhem the consoles damaged. But I would of course like to play as a fan of the previous game, so I have a graphic fetish now, but I would also not exceed 50 € (GameStop used) for a game to spend that then eh not running. And in the near future I will probably also no current gen console have to play it there. Does anyone have the game one probably ever played on the PS3 and can help me in this matter? Thanks in advance: D

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rather not. Is more playground than game world. BioWare opens a huge adventure park for collecting and unlocking. But the experience is very sobering terms Story, character behavior, quests, exploration stimuli and minigames.

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