Is dresses roundabout a secure platform.

Hello I'm already a little longer if I should me what to buy clothes at roundabout. Personally, I find the page actually really great and I find exactly what I want. However, I am not sure if this works so foolproof. So I think because of the payment, since I do not as white as the return to the fold and stuff. My question simply: Does anyone have experience with centrifugal clothes? Good, Bad?

Thank you for answers Greetings Like Carlo

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No, these are not secure platforms.

If you own abholst the goods, are testing and then pay cash, it's OK - everything else I do not OK.

Would you give a stranger money when he promises you to deliver something?

For children under 18 any Internet trading is unsuitable because an effective contract without the express permission of parents entering never effectively.

Want to join my speakers!

Steer clear of these platforms!

Have there bought something with a credit card and do not get!

Justification dresses roundabout: If a seller the platform not here 3 days the sale will be canceled! The seller would have 5 days to send the goods!

Now can I have paid in a few days to an account of dresses gyro money from i can free transfer to my account !?

Let's see what happens! ?

But the Huddel must, I believe, none have and maps raise all !!!


Look here you get information:

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