Is Flying always so expensive?

I've just looked up etc. for flights from Hamburg to Berlin or Cologne. In Airberlin and German Wings.

Both providers are kostes with rückflug min. 150 €.

How to make it for people who have to fly every day for work? As you go but Bankkrott ...


The best answer

Then check out the profit and loss accounts of the airlines and think on how much leeway the companies for discounts have.

That's still pretty low. There have been times when such a flight was € 250 ^^

In business fliers it pays the company :)

From the rising fares now benefit Fernbusunternehmen, because one part is already for 30 € from Hamburg to Berlin

I would prefer the low cost aviation had an end. The machines are as a rule not to blame for the crash, but the whole industry adopts perverse traits. How can a flight from Cologne to Dublin cost only 19 €, although there still added tax and baggage surcharge? People are insatiable, always want more and the price to pay can be very high. Flying is indeed become safer in recent decades, according to statistics, but I would like to pay for the austerity of some low-cost airlines with their lives. The pilots have tremendous pressure to fill up as little kerosene having to make an emergency landing at the risk ... I prefer to pay a few hundred euros more to travel for this pleasing shape and can only hope that it takes a long time, until we meet again need to discuss about a plane crash in which untschuldige people need a senseless and horrific death to die.

The earlier you book the cheaper it is.

Try at Ryanair. There you can find flights from 15 €

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