Is greeting of peace in cath. Messe duty?

Must shake all neighbors in the Church at peace greeting hands. The I do not know that yet. And if one has a contagious disease? Or just a viral cold? Even when visiting a doctor shaking hands this was abolished and in times of influenza epidemics in winter even recommend major newspapers of crowds to keep distance and avoid contact and to let his welcoming handshakes.

The best answer

It is not considered a sin if you do not do it (unless you want someone intentionally offend or embarrass - but do you want to not so).

If you do not want to shake hands - which is fine, you can instead

  • hands drop down (or crossing arms, or fold hands themselves and show) and friendly nod. This is done frequently, if the distance is too large.
  • Book down throw and a lot of time can be when picked up
  • rummage in the bag
  • Sit down
  • Kneeling

Yes yes, it should already have been serious illnesses because people have unknowingly desired peace in the church ...

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