Is he serious? I can not judge him.

Hello everyone, I met someone by my friend and her boyfriend. He is 25, I 17. He saw a photo of me and found me apparently nice and then written to me. We met two times four, he invited me both times. He told me that he finds me really nice and pretty, the course I would really, I find him likable aucb. :) Now he has asked me if we want to meet some time alone .. I asked around a bit and many say that he thinks just, he can have any .. He looks really good .. I do not know now simply if I should really meet him, because I'm afraid that he sees me as one of many. He said I could come to his house. I got it also asked if his parents find not funny when he year with 17 coming home. He said that I'm him not embarrassed or so and that he may like to introduce myself, if I want to. He also asked what my parents then say to him would .. I just simply not know whether he serious about me. He also comments on my pictures in Instagram which may indeed see all his friends help me with math, really write me often and remembers things that I tell him. Only the difference in age and what I've heard about him, makes me think. I'm 17, he 25, he is the center of life, I just at the beginning. He holds a degree almost finished, I stand before my graduation. I got it also asked if I'm not too young to him .. He said that makes him not so much. He is actually quite good friends with the friend of my best friend and she has already told him that he indeed should not build crap. But still, I'm worried. What do you think to this?

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well, of course, a 25-year old man has already had more experience and perhaps 1, 2, 3, 4 girlfriends. So it may well be that you're a lot 'to'.

Whether the question is another good source, I doubt. Perhaps it would help if you befragst him to his EX-ex-ex-girlfriends - whether he has loved what friendships have failed, etc. When he speaks there esteeming-loving-weighed-reflects on these women, is the m. E. already a very good sign.

And first is a visit to him or in the ice cream parlor or wherever not a promise for life, but you spend time together and have fun and hopefully enjoy each other and get to know you.

and if I may make two slightly offbeat remarks: you write "he has invited you" - because my wife grunts heart something - this is a mark of quality, something that is that he is pursuing serious intentions - mh, certainly not. And you continue to write that you find him sympathetic - that's not quite the formulation, if a man for another burn. I doubt anything, whether it must be clarified here whether ER is serious. I rather feel that you should clarify for you whether you now or sometime more like sympathy feel for him - to be found liked the nice feeling of someone and beautiful, is certainly great and head and soul, and perhaps body hunger for but nebulized one sometimes the brain.

do you want to meet you real with this young man? To you a much younger man would fit. I'd Rather Be careful in your place and prefer to only enter into a friendship than a relationship.

You cope with mixed feelings that I would have. Listen to your mind. If he remains stubborn and is serious about you, then the relationship can be found in 2-3 years instead. Maybe he's just a nice guy finds you symathisch and no longer want. Find out.

Hy, I think you should not listen to others and just get an idea, you take a couple of times with him and then over time you see anyway as he is. Bzgl. to meet. Just tell him that you like to have a drink with him go want. Parents can introduce you still. That the age difference is no matter if it fits. You have plenty of time, do not rush. Lg Redbull

no risk no fun.

Attempt, even if it is not serious to think so, so it'll bring you at least experience.

Also..das he invites you to his home course, do not necessarily mean that he wants to get you into bed. If that is so, and / or you do not feel comfortable seeking thee ne excuse from such as "I'm tired, I think I'll go home" (if you do not feel well) or if he wants to get you into bed then wimmel it up from . But I think the already serious ers. Only there is just that can act very well types. If you know what I mean ..

I'm just saying you 17 year old and he 25 in a year you are pregnant at the latest

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