Is it a cold or yet something else?

Hello my dears. I've already noticed that something comes. In my nostril I ran today constantly einfavh so always something out, like water. I can be happy that I always a handkerchief near Had .. Jetz against evening I constantly tingling in the nose but to sneeze it does not come .. My throat is dry. Feel bit limp when I slept a lot. No wonder at the work I sweat bathed on the balcony to smoke a in the cold, by bicycle to work at minus 2 degrees .. neck freely because everything was in the laundry, just my cup .. Always slept little. . Is that a sign of a cold? Heard it a sign of gastric intestinal flu ist..fängt gastrointestinal, normally not immediately with vomiting and severe nausea? Have eaten nothing jetz fear snarls .my stomach and I 've also hunger. Very slightly amiss is also But this is normal for a cold? Hmmm'm really scared ..

The best answer

to write Have not forget the well is me dizzy? Even normal?

Did I also was now the doctor, have it still a sore throat, you let prescribe an antibiotic or you still end up like me: D

Go tomorrow at the best times for GP.

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