Is it bad if my dog ​​always has a dry nose?

Have heard that this is not so healthy ..

The best answer

Our hangover has also often dry nose, but he will soon be 16 and is healthy. Watch it easy

If he has consistently then he might be sick because he hatt warm or hot ears prüf the times

Are you sure that it is ALWAYS?

Watch it and let it clarify in doubt by the TA, if you notice that in addition other abnormalities are added.

that is not good, so you should go to the vet. Or he sleeps villeicht much? Danah have dogs often ne dry nose.

No, the dog's nose can also be warm and dry without the dog is missing something.

A permanent dry nose may be a sign of illness.

Look to how the mucous membranes are .Schreib me then immediately.

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