Is it forbidden in Germany cat meat to eat?

In other transhipment sites as China Allows the times I've heard is yes

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Hi, as far as I know it is forbidden Canine, Feline and primates in Germany to eat, I should what can you correct me say wrong


Have times just rumgestöbert a bit last in your questions ...

  • How many euros you need for cat food per month who has a cat?
  • How big must a Wohung least be to yourself to keep a cat?
  • What does a cat Approximately?

Um ... what are you doing? ;)

In Germany it is forbidden cats (and dogs) to slaughter. but I believe that you can eat imported. At Wal both prohibited

I find the question quite macabre

The consumption is not prohibited, but you do not get legal. In the EU, cats may not be slaughtered and their meat nor be imported or traded or otherwise distributed.

All pets are to consume in Germany, just like humans

Is prohibited animals under Pets fall (cats, dogs) can not eat! (;

Who is to forbid? Pigs and cattle one may also eat yes. Only humans are prohibited. Vegetarian diet is healthier anyway.

I do not believe that any meat is prohibited here, but the battles will not be so easy.

It is in Germany not usual to eat cats, although I am convinced that so many have already eaten a cat by was given by private a rabbit (headless) or sell it - the same in their body structure!

WHERE are you going to find a cat butcher? To my knowledge, there is in Switzerland still dogs butcher. Who makes his pet even roasting, is publicly hardly known.

The slaughter of cats is forbidden in Germany. Since then, the question arises whether the food is banned by cat meat. I do not think so. Then it's just a matter of procurement. Since I can not help unfortunately.

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