Is it no longer a virgin ?!

If one is equal to no longer virgin when masturbating ?!

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No, you can be weiterihn Virgin, so now is not the sign, I mean seriously, it depends on the kind of masturbation, some girls / women prefer the "external" stimulation, then of course they remain only times virgins in "inside" stimulation sees the course different ... LG

The question is not as absurd as you think at first glance. is for many people and falls virginity also, or for some even mainly, in the head.

The question is whether one loses his virginity, that is for the first time sexually active. And what counts as sex? The thought of? The feeling when you see a woman? Masturbation or sexual intercourse per se?

Grundsäzlich I would differentiate there. A child may early lose his virginity, when confronted with suffering. When one is no longer a virgin, one is no longer a child, and can be viewed in many ways.

I mean yes, the Pope would probably say, you're not longer.

You are then still a virgin so do not worry;)

Biology, in which class it is treated now

You are long virgin you are your first time had sex.

Physical virginity is also given when sexual experience was made by masturbating. Conversely, the hymen be ruptured by accident or sports without a man has played a role.

Of course not for that you have fi..en time report

clearly it is still virgin ...

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