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Hello, for most girls, it is so that they have 28 days off until they get the next period, for me it was the last time 34, and otherwise they came I think in any case always at greater distances. Can it be that it will always stay with me so, or should it always be 28? I now have my periods are 2 years, so should slowly come also at the normal distance or not?

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Hello larissa2051,

your period I can the first few years be pretty unpredictable. From one period to the next can take up to six months. One can take a day, the next 10 days. The menstrual cycle takes about one to two years to be leveling up. A normal cycle is 21 to 35 days. The average is 28 days. Your cycle is likely to change over the years a few times and sometimes also be irregular. This is completely normal.

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That with the 28 days cycle is actually nonsense. It is normal, sometimes to have a break of 34 days. Allow the body just do. The month is always different, it can always come to stress or illness and you can also move the cycle. At your age anyway. However if you have legitimate reason to believe that you were pregnant, then get times from the doctor or test from the chemist. If not - all ok

34 days are a normal distance in the cycle! That with the 28 days has prevailed through the pill as a fairly uniform rhythm, but this is completely nonsensical. Women without pills usually have an irregular cycle, and that's a good thing.

Hello Larissa, do not worry first. In most cases, the rhythm sets on absolute regularity only over the years. Even with many women over 30 is irregular. That makes prevention so difficult. Have not you slept with a man that you could be pregnant? If so and you have an uneasy feeling, go to the pharmacy and get a test.

If you are not pregnant, just make an appointment with your gynecologist and let you check. That should make any woman anyway regularly.

But again. Worry you do not have to make you. It may even happen that the control times completely fails, or is so weak that you do not realize. Best regards!

Hi, I have stayed at strake fluctuations that may be triggered by factors caused by stress. If you are unsure, go nevertheless times to the gynecologist, who can explain best what possibly is wrong. :)

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