Is it normal that I begin to hate my mother?

Hey. My parents are no longer together and my mother now has a new friend who does not grade arm. He has his own car dealership. We have a house and which I dwell with my father and my grandparents. I have hardly any contact with my mother writes me in advance if everything is okay with me but that was it. I see them if at all, only once a week. Every time I see it then times has the new clothes. And then told me that they indeed toottaall expensive shoes were wearing .. you want to brag or make me down that I have not something, who knows .. I'm fine with my father and my grandparents, they do everything for me my grandmother every lunch cooked for me when I get home from school and they try everything to make me happy. I "love" Mario Götze and swarms for 1 1/2 years of time to see him that knows my mother. And now I've just learned that she goes next weekend with her boyfriend for the game to Munich. And then they see him. That made me really angry. I see them slowly garnicht more than my mother .. I get a total hatred of them. Not only because of what happened with Munich but still for many other things she is interested in garnichtmehr for me and her, it is equally no matter how my academic performance is. Is it normal that I do not look at my mother when my mother and they begin to hate?

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Sets together you and talk but that's normal. Call to Pubärtät -> The Zwit the parents are severe. But if there is a deep hatred sets eich all under take together what speaks and then it works again

Let me guess: You're so old to 13 years!

YES, this is completely normal. You'll the problem but not solve by hate and anger - that's for sure.

Test 'it but turn times when you meet Muddi: Rejoice YOU WITH YOUR about their great clothes, the hot shoes, the fantastic traveling and so on ...!

I firmly believe that she loves you and has no idea what you're thinking and how much it hurt you to experience their "wealth". She is holding up ... they are all so :-))

if you wirdst be grown up and more mature, you wirdst you also behave differently, what you write one probably belongs. in kindergarten


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