Is it normal that makes my laptop?

Hi Guys. I was just on the bed and was just on television and then suddenly drove my laptop on the desk high. How does it work? He has booted completely independently without external influence. Do you think that because a virus it is, or I was hacked ??? Wanted jmd on my webcam. From time ago it'd fit. Wanted determined Watch intimate moments evening. Of these cases, one hears often in TV. Whether that is true? :O. One probably yes you can help me. Thank you in advance for your answers. LG Tay

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Look in the BIOS to whether it includes the automatic update search is activated times. Modern BIOS / UEFI then drive the PC / notebook up, look for updates and then drive it back down.

Or a network pulse has enabled the Wake on Lan laptop.

Drive it down properly. There is no hacker to a computer to hack, which is made of. It is then not reached .. And programs actually not. Desseidenn we will start from the network. That might work. This feature can be disabled in the bios


simple Erkärung: Did you just switched with the remote control? Came with me many times before that the PC was in energy saving mode and is ramped up by an electronic pulse of the PC, since the slightest variation ranges sometimes already made.

LG Tobi

Is with me also so often ... just stop it is to work out here. Do not worry. Otherwise stand tack the cam from and install an anti-virus program! :)

The automatically goes into hibernation.

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