Is it normal that my phone is fully charged after 2 hours or 3 hours?

Hi everyone ^^ My phone always need 2h or 3h until it is fully charged. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. And the battery is new ... The charger also. thank you in advance

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  • The capacity of your mobile phone battery is lt. Datasheet 2600 mAh.
  • If your charger as provides 1 A current, then you have mathematically 2.6 hours charging time.
  • However, since the last 10% slowest upload, you're so easy to 3 hours charging time in the charger.
  • For USB connections, eg via laptop, the charging time down to the double extended.

So, as seen normally.

LG Bernd

Yes, it is normal. To speed up your loading it turn into airplane mode and / or alternate the display brightness down.

Best of all is the switching off of the phone, since the phone consumes no power and is charged much faster.

Have the S5 and it also takes a little longer than with my old S3, I think that's normal. But the same model I have not.

For me it is also so long.

Yes, is with me so

Lg ilsrkx

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