Is it OK to a hybrid (dog) to buy from a hobby breeder?


we will buy a dog in the near future, but not yet so united because of race. First, we wanted to definitely a purebred dog from a breeder (Irish Setter), now we have but heard that hybrids are much more robust and have fewer diseases, since they are not as over-bred etc .. Is that correct?

In our neighborhood there are currently puppy of a family ... The mother is an Irish Setter + Gordon Setter Mix and the father a purebred Golden Retriever.

The advantage is that both dogs live in the family and you so get to know the Father ...

We will definitely look at the puppies once, but I'm not so sure if it's really good, so easy to take a mix ...

The waves are wormed and vaccinated and be issued with protective contract.

please your opinions :)

The puppies cost € 550 ... We would pay for a dog and € 1,200, the price is not the problem ...

The best answer

What a question and then even as poll ... ^^

...Compliment! :)

My dog is a mixed breed from cattery, Border Kuvasz. He was dewormed, vaccinated and expensive ... He wanted to me ... ^^ ... What I think is the only criterion for a dog ...! :)

These puppies should at least be vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. So how have a EU passport. Then we will know the least who saw a Ta.

In addition, at least the mother should be present. Not take before 10 week and at home they should live.

These criteria can be fulfilled in a litter ups. Whether the dog but HD / ED will be free later no one can promise you. Incidentally, also a breeder, even if generations are free from it, it may still be there in the genetic material and skip many generations. A breeder is liable for subsequent HD / ED any more than one with ups litter.

The risk is low, much lower but still omnipresent

But if at least one as papers has (mother) should take a look in and see how things are with HD / ED as is ordered.

PS: I know many that have become very happy with their mongrel puppies from private hands. And they were also down to the High old healthy. It also comes on it like this private hands looks!

Basically, I think it only times not wrong. Assuming it was really a UPS union.

First, we wanted to definitely a purebred dog from a breeder (Irish Setter), now we have but heard that hybrids are much more robust and have fewer diseases, since they are not as over-bred etc .. Is that correct?

Yes and no. Reputable breeders deal with race-specific problems and diseases and only breed with healthy animals tested. By pedigree - guide you can also track which, from which breeding line of dog comes exactly. Here I would ask the breeder directly. Sick puppies are not sold and also tested and analyzed. If the dog should be sick yet, you can you always contact the breeder, who admits for having sold a healthy animal. The breeders put to breed animals the objective body and being strong. If you there have fears, you should definitely look more closely at this race and details possible diseases or read "opinions".

I would also bring me nevertheless a hybrid if I like it and I can appreciate the family or the origin very well.

it is not true that mixed celled are tougher - her whatâ the genetic health and diseases a dog not ansehne! -but in a purebred dog is respected daruf that mehere generations of ancestors are healthy ...

mixed race there is any animal shelter -da one does not need as much money as these people pay ..

Now we have but heard that hybrids are much more robust and have fewer diseases

that's Humbug! Any sensible / reputable breeder breeds only in animals that are tested for diseases. Every breeder belongs to a breed association may not grow without these tests!

Incidentally, also breeders who breed in the breeding association hobby breeders and their puppies get papers. The term cattery is often used by propagators to deceive the prospective and is advanced. Such breeders / propagators I would support no!

Personally, I do not think much of hobby breeders but the price .. I would pay attention to quality and not along the lines of greed is good

There keione breeders of mixed race. Something's Dog Ever Mehrer!

2x not examined for possible genetic disorders (current and 5 generations before) sioll what healthier result than when I examined both parents and their ancestors? Only in math are minus times minus plus -in the Genetikl works niocht!

€ 550 for NEN Bast ard (Mongrel, Hybriddog, designerdog, ...) is simply wuicher. A hybrid will cost 150-200 € (geimopft, chipped).

when you take NEN dog supports only want to do their propagators coal. google times puppymill - is nothing but the only slightly sxchlimmer

I find 550 overpriced for a hybrid ...

Also hybrids are not healthy as Purebred if two sick puppies are hybrids get this sick.

With a good breeding is very on diseases, accidents, however not so can always diseases occur.

Have you ever looked in shelters after? There are often also puppies and young dogs zuholen.

So against hybrids is never what to say. Although Depends on the mix, but they can actually be disease resistant.

Now we have but heard that hybrids are much more robust and have fewer diseases, since they are not as over-bred etc

That's not true!!! ... And is also now "scientifically" proven ...

Especially bad I find this "multiplier" you "hobbyists" call so because it specifically hybrids produce thereby quickly and easily earn a lot of money.

Propagators are no hobbyists!

When did you yet selected a breed dog, why do you not inquired about the respective breeding association by ordinary kennels and let you advise of breeders?

I have the impression that you are not very well informed about how life in the next 15 - 18 years will be with a dog

ne completely different question - you are you aware that you want to bring you a real hunt THUND the house - ???

can you meet these demands?

in utilization and in erziehugn - which I find much more important than to look after half-breeds or breed dogs. for you have the Irish setter my meinugn bach to aussehna usgesucht - but THIS is an outspoken hunting THUND but outside to keep in wohung quiet little, let alone ableinbar.

times read !!!

Why must it always be a puppy ???? the animal shelter, there are also young dogs, which at home looking for a, times go andafter hunting dogs ask!

If he makes a good impression: yes

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