Is it possible to euthanize the dog why ?!

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So yesterday I was with my 3 dogs for a walk (Yorkshire). 2 are still puppies (1 year old). Then came as a family and I pulled the linen to me but then came this woman too close and my little bit her in the leg ... I apologized immediately and she said oh never mind is not bad .. Tonight I came to friend ringing us and begins with; her dog has bitten my girlfriend she can now hardly run has such a bad bite trace, we were at the doctor, he took a picture of them scored a rabies vaccination. Because of the syringe can arm allegedly not move her, and of course her leg. He said the doctor made a display at least well, we should pay 1,000 as damages sunning it reports us to the police and our dog is euthanized and taken away, and if we do something about it we would have to pay 8000.-. But they may not require 1000.-? 1. I pulled back the dog and it was only 5 cm away from the dog .. And she knows our dogs since they were babies. 2. They said they had yesterday jeans worn although red leggings. 3. It came from the other staircase inside the 30 sec. she walked without limping. 4 was a small prospecting without blood! And they were dead drunk What can they do us maximum? They require us 1000.- ps we live in Switzerland. ... Sorry for my spelling ridiculous.

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No fear.

Let her make a display. I would in your place even now make the same charges against them because they told what wrong and blackmailed you - since 1000, - Euro is pure blackmail and in turn is a criminal offense.

Offentsichtlich was also nothing - until hours later. Guess who has come home and then came the hit on the idea of ​​this thing money and that is an offense.

You must prove the dog bite. And the doctor should not have issued her rabies shot - only after consultation, whether the dog is vaccinated.

Euthanasia happens very rarely. Only when a real rabies suspect is in the room, dog is not vaccinated, then comes this under observation and with further suspicion can be performed euthanasia. But since Germany rabies free since years, has to pass a lot for a dog to be euthanized because of suspicion.

They want to make you fear and make money doing it.

Have a legal protection? If so, ask a lawyer. Otherwise, I would see and precaution of suitable liability insurance report.

If a bite is detected and you should get a display that eventually someone will pass by the dog unit and watches the behavior of your dog to determine if your dog has behavioral disorders. If yes, there are such things as a leash, wear a muzzle etc

But why biting your dog when someone 5cm in front of him? Clear is a threat, but he should not bite. By this you have to work. What if a child comes so close, your dog sees it as a threat and biting? Other incidents You can not allow you and something must not happen. Please go to a dog trainer so that something will not happen again


the story seems to me somewhat confused. A Yorkie can hurt, but usually you realize serious injuries but relatively quickly, and a rabies vaccination is not common for a dog bite (there is more tetanus again refreshed). Vaccine reactions can ever turn violent, my skin already ne tetanus shot around depending on type of person.

At the man I would privately pay first nothing. Since the insurance company is then possibly report. Search again the conversation (of witnesses) and report the incident to your liability insurance. Give to the insurance data. be euthanized dogs not so fast - I just wonder why a dog "bites" when a person walks past him ...

Then first an essential test is done and if your dog then there is the not :) and otherwise not well then he gets I think times maximum muzzle obligation or so :) but prop has the woman to blame because they easy to get even on the dog :) but ache money when you see them and awake is not then that would not let anyone go through because ache money you get eig only if you harm it has for example can not therefore work earned no money or they aba no has indeed hurt except vill ne little sore but question best a lawyer :) I think dr helps in the situation best :) wish you good luck :) but for the encouragement, I do not think that the dog is put to sleep so because if the else has never done that and otherwise loving and is so :) because there are dog bite that much and I think that your dog just a fright has got the the woman so to him came because you do when dogs indeed eig not if you go spaziern :)

Love greetings selistylerqueen

So I guess so that they charge € 1,000 damages CAN, but that is to sleep with the Quatsch.Was could happen is that your dog must wear a muzzle, but to sleep is not the right way, and in this situation not appropriate! If need would I consult a lawyer and can settle the matter in court!

NO dog, no matter how big or old, has to bite ... go finally in a dog school and learn to lead your dog and not on a leash rumzuzerren ... überleg you what can happen whom a child bites your dog's face, then it's gone and you definitely sitting on quite a high cost, hospital, physician, damages, attorney, court costs, etc., in addition to the cost to sleep for the ...

Hey I think the lady needs quick money, but I also believe that should you go once to a dog trainer if your dogs are as aggressive as ..... When she arrives again and then threatening call just once, the police ,, first is the attempted fraud and also just been an empty threat ..... no Yorkie is euthanized because of something .... comes the police will get problems the lady!

I would go to a lawyer and get some advice.

Clear her liable as dog owners and certain consequences are lawful - but in the context.

That sounds but as to when they wanted to exclude you. Just such threats with police, more money and euthanasia seem untrustworthy.

Your puppy is a year, no more puppies. They are grown.

Why the dog has bitten simple reason? Then he put on me a muzzle.

and why you draw around with the dog? just because it is small and light? Try that with a Rotti. Even a small dog has to be to be the right and addressed nich simply pulled through the area.

No you pay him nothing. You want to report it your dogs liability. The will take care of everything else. if you pitch Dabb you have to pay no haste, under unständen everything yourself.

Personally, I would show you and your dog. Bitten bitten whether by Yorki or shepherd.

But the dog is not put to sleep. It may be that you get pads. Muzzle etc.

No, absolutely not. Because a dog bites, it can still far to be euthanized. If anyone is so careless and so close goes to the dog that it feels threatened, is to blame, the dog has only defended itself. Pain and suffering you will perhaps hand already have to pay. If you do something against it, then that is your right and nobody can tell you aufbrummen a higher penalty therefore. Rather, it is here to blackmail, because of her they could show. Because of the anti-rabies vaccination, they should have asked you the way to the vaccination card. If your dog is vaccinated against rabies, then a rabies vaccination was unnecessary and you are not to blame.

Do you need insurance? Then I would the report. The will then govern the whole. On private payments I would not get involved, that sounds a lot like extortion. And because of a bite no dog is euthanized usually, you let convince nothing!

Sorry I forgot, nothing to sleep with or so. There may be an official order of the character test and / or muzzled and then natütlich for reparation. If, however, keep in nem bite of NEN Yorki rather limited. And if complete until now not yet necessarily NEN insurance.

again greeting Sirius

NO, no dog is drawn because of one incident and / or euthanized !!!

You've hopefully for your dog a dog owner liability insurance ???

Then you let the bitten Dame submit all invoices and thou redirecting with an accurate accident information to the insurance more ...

In addition, the bitten Dame has never been vaccinated against rabies !!! This is in Germany not usual ... (and Switzerland is my knowledge rabies free ...) Probably, if ever, she got a tetanus shot.

And you pay initially a penny or not Franken ...

If people want something from you, they shall judge all writing to you ...

And you make for yourself a memory protocol = write anything about the incident together depends very carefully and if possible with time, and so on ... Such a protocol can sometimes be useful when it comes to another dispute.

Wishing you all the best!

Hello, let the whole thing come or go on the offensive. This is clearly extortion, because the police will certainly be pleased. In any case, securing witness, if they do not exist create Gedächnisprotokoll, report incident of liability insurance and first not pay or sign. Greeting Sirius

Question an attorney: Google: Lawyer Hotline costs do 2 € the minute but you get good advice :)

Did you ask him if he still has all the cup in the cupboard? Should he show you, but if he does that, immediately makes a contraindication for attempted blackmail or coercion ( "to show we Unless you pay 1000 CHF, you to!")

Your dog will naturally NOT euthanized because of something like that! And this alleged 8,000 are a pure product of the imagination!

I would have the types gekloppt Eight edged out the door ..

Do not be intimidated! !!! You're right!

He tries you to gamble on. Either the advocate or himself to the police and ask what should be done

Xd, as he has you well in advance provided a pain diem when asked to come it will be displayed for extortion

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