Is it possible without studying (but with vocational training) in Germany to be able to earn good?

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Yes, this is quite. But you then many "classical" career paths remain closed. For HR departments etc. sort often made on the basis of formal qualifications, you then do not fulfill.

In general: You have to like holding can sell, and be able to demonstrate your potential clients / employers plausible why you're your money's worth. So if you have anything can extremely good, and there is a market for this, then there are quite without any mountains on products, etc. a way to earn money clever.

Clear is that possible. Who in the profession has its strengths and good performance brings that can earn exceptionally good. Vocational further education and training can help!

The richest men in Germany were the Aldi brothers who brought it without school and training as a seller to multimillionaires. Then the Dieter Schwarz from the Lidl group, however, the took off the high school and then also learned Kaufmann. Both the Aldi brothers as well as the Black inherited almost nothing, but everything generated itself.

Jealous which after.

Yes, it is, however, also depends on the industry. Craftsman or electrician, also chefs currently are, always wanted since you can earn more than an academic circumstances.

Yes it's possible. But nothing comes from nothing.

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