Is it the same smug, if you're rich ?!

So I want to hear no answers as (tusse). My parents and I weighed in a villa with my dog. We have 2 holiday homes in Dubai and Spanien.Ich still have two horses and only wear Burberry, Gucci, Chanel ... but I am not conceited'm always roomy helpful and all, but why think so many I was conceited!

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I think that's just a prejudice that has so naturalized.

Of course, one is with holiday homes, fashion clothes, etc. in a different league, but as long as one that can not hang out is not one boastful. There are certainly people who are poorer than you, and less helpful than you.

Hope I could help you a little bit, and I hope you also not too much power t mind you.

This is by many people a "superstition" do not try in any way indicate and try always helpful, kind and so to be then people will not think you're conceited :-)

Of course, it can also give a few ...: D. I wish you good luck


well, so not everyone is directly conceited, if you have a lot of money. That depends greatly on the education. If the parents the child buy everything from small and then even forget to educate the child properly in other areas, it will quickly cocky and arrogant. Know as many. The then know before fastidiousness not know how bad things are for other people and appreciate their property no longer, as one should. Look on YouTube, simply destroy how many idiot for fun IPhones while you could buy a reasonably good house for the price in a poor country in Africa.

If you do not want to forget this empathy feeling then sit times with people apart, which is not as good as you. Never forget your more inner values. Money is only paper that you will not take after your death with you. It's only possession, like everyone else. Totally overrated, but unfortunately a lot of great importance for too many.

This is probably because so many rich people are represented as "conceited and tussen" on television. I hate prejudice I get myself that because we are not exactly poor.

Hello horsegirl :)

I guess not, that anyone who has a lot of money conceited automatically ist.Es depends on how so umgeht.Du writing for example that you only wear brands-if you emphasize the well in front of others, they could be injured as a himself something not afford you können.Wenn but careful to let hang out not quite as strong there, that you have a lot of money, no one will think I also think that you are conceited;) LG Kira

PS You can even contribute to the change also clothes of "normal" Brands

Hello, horsegirl2015. Definitely not. Michael Jackson it was not, and certainly had a few more millions to the edge than you. It is sheer envy that makes people react that way. A song of Physicians describes the best: ... let people talk, listen to them not to ... Tu you so well, lG.

Read again your absurd and probably faked question-then you know it, baby;)

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