is it true that the person has thought of you dream to a?

hi I. tonight quite often from someone so dreamed very often behind the other, and we were always in a different place, and he kissed me, and all I have for the first time as a dream of him .. I know not what was going on is and now I think the whole time by and about him, he no longer writes to me in a long time and I think that even worse because I do not love him but I have very often today dreamed of him and it felt so realistic as if that's happened before but it is still chemistry happens. I do not know whether he has thought of me or I do not know if this myth is true.

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If, then, it is just a coincidence. Explainable, the relationship is not, at least until today. Think about times as many teens there who dream of their stars. For the Stars, the teens are, however, unknown. The Stars do not think with certainty to the (most) teens.

Forget it! I have so often made such dream experiences and never became reality ^^ therefrom

Nope, it just says so, so you have the courage to write it. Actually you thought of him, not the other way around. None other than himself knows whether he thinks of you.

No, it is not true. just as the myth that thinks when suddenly in the ear the beeps just someone to a.

that's a sign you shall speak to him again ** ** and well would be if I ask him his, I would also be mad ... you have not just forget someone and try with him to have contact! this is not a coincidence if you always traumst from him.

Of course that's true .. No question!

Rewarded but out if you'd just ask the "Beträumten", or ??

This is a myth

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