Is it uncool with 18 years still smoking to begin?

It is useful sometimes relieve stress or not?

The best answer

No not true. A smoker with Zigerette feels like a Non smoking all the time you clear Würst a difference in the first cigarette notice. That sounds but to fast and it is simply not an addiction.

No it does not help .. you feel even more stressed .. One only smokes so you do then as a Non smoking feels .. Sounds silly but it's true.

you can spend for vacation, the money that might help relieve stress rather

By that I mean more likely to survive for some time without making money as possible expensive holiday

There are nicer ways around 2000 € to burn each year.

reduce stress, there are simpler and more efficient way ^^

The smoker has stress when he gets NO dump because the addiction engages in the point.

That is what the stress that better times degrades 2 minute make short break and maybe what drink (Alokoholfrei ^^)

Honestly, with 18 it is too late to be "cool". Because it's just cool for teens actually that characterized happen better. If you are older, you are usually only a slave to addiction. So you'll spare prefer this burden. It is rather a stress structure.

uncool it's always ... and when you start first with smoking, it's fine as long until your doctor says "leg off, or new heart, or to quit smoking" ... sooner or later everyone must quit smoking , I smoked 5 years, and I tell you there is nothing worse than aufzuöhren so ^^

I had 17/18 years also (not much) smoked & soon stopped. It was neither fun nor somehow conveys positive feelings.

You would only financially and health disadvantages with you. Whether it is worth it to start smoking?

In my eyes, smoking is not cool, but just stupid.

Ne does not help reduce stress. So as smoking makes you the only one. But in principle, be still produces the stress hormone. I advise you to leave it! I smoke already 9Years and my lungs are already quite affected. Bin quickly out of breath, sometimes dizzy and has strong morning cough (with sputum).

Take prefer chewing gum, lollipop, toothpick, stress ball to knead ... Also something else that you do something to distract or good

It is NOT uncool to begin with 18 years still smoking, but stupid!

  • Smoking need nicotine to relieve stress can, otherwise they will suffer from withdrawal symptoms, so shaky, nervous, restless and irritated (also aggressive!) Are.
  • If Non smoking, which now get no nicotine withdrawal symptoms, would smoke, then does that just the reverse, because the body does not know the effects of nicotine: Then Non smoking irritated and "uncomfortable".

It's just stupid to start smoking if you know about all the risks.

Google with

infantologie cigarette ingredients

smoking data fact-pay

smoking diseases portal

In addition, you surely others would einqualmen with tobacco smoke, so you difficult schädigst to their health the other. - Google to with

passive smoking wikipedia

For your idea to reduce smoking stress, read this:

stresses Smoking

And check out this video:

  1. Would not be bad if you would formulate your question correctly.
  2. It is always "uncool" to smoke no matter when you start it.
  3. Fang did so only to smoke is just about the biggest waste of money sink achievements in sports and life. (Smoking is anyway at least 18 so you would have to see the actual question itself can answer ^^)

One should neither start nor stop smoking, just because it's cool or uncool !!

Do it or do not do it, but do it for yourself, and not because of other people's opinions !!

Hab 21 started. Simply because I do not want to be old enough to be umpflegt (sister's old tutor ... horror ..)

Not cool? Cool as in the youth it is not safe.

Con: Expensive affair, socially decried, in some work make difficult restricts the parnerwahl

Pro: correct. Stress reduction, expanding the partner choice from to smokers. One can thus lose weight (can other stimulants such as sweets displace) as stimulant stimulant. And perfect to time to beat death.

Gray Zone: shorter life.

If you do not worry about what is generally kept away. Decide for yourself if it fits for you and then leb with the decision.

No, it's not "uncool" but very reasonable in moderation, because in fact it helps to cope with your stress.

Let it be. Have 10 years chain smoked (2 packs a day) and smoke no longer .. since April 2011 and am really glad I cal never do this!


Leave it!

Smoking is totally uncool. And stress can you thus do not degrade, but are generating greater stress.

The same effect you can also go through another bad - achieve Angewohheit - and not so expensive and harmful.

A Lollie or a toothpick, make the Pens clip people astray, etc etc. ....

Oh, and clearly it is uncool not to start this nonsense with 18!

I would leave it. Stupid is not it!

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