Is my bf bf really mean?

Hi My ♡ a 'best friend' always behaves very funny, but not only to me but to all she's so ... You never listen to me when I want to tell you something and makes then just a total change of subject. She drives in the team ski and every weekend off and they quite often missing in school so (the principal supports despite "mediocre" scores and gives her always free because their coach is a friend of hers). As I said they never listen to me and annoying to life, because they told me always and everywhere (in the classroom, which sometimes really annoying, as in French, when we start new, heavy grammar and then simply starts talking about skiing ) for hours from their ski race and any people from their club I do not know and also expects that I you listen to (which I under normal circumstances also do), but me they can never tell what, but then begins again with skiing or tennis or I know of ... She was bullied at school (I do not know if now is still so bad that since I'm with her, I can not judge so well) and then asked me once, Why. She said that I should tell her seriously, I it also told her. Reasons were for example that it sometimes attracts real funny things (we have a completely different taste, but sometimes it attracts things that really do not fit together and I tell her then as well, because they so wanted), or is behaving her sometimes really inappropriate (eg when she cries, I console her, if I do but consoling need, then it is not in me, but tried me 'distract' simply by making a change of subject, but it helps me then so tired of me doing, never really on. or they do not behave, for example, when you go eat with her, then she gobbles always or otherwise halt so decency things you learn as a child, they also ignored. or when I really love in NEN boys my school was she never talked to me about him, and during the break she wanted me always by him 'led away' and I do not know why. she herself was not on it, I know.). She wanted my help and I told her also offered, but they wanted to change not. I did it not really understood at the time and understand it even now not so really. All this, incidentally, was still at the time when we no 'best friends' were. If it's really important, then it also holds for me, for example, as a boy I did not really like, has written to me, wanted me matchmaking with him, even though they knew that I did not like him all. Besides, you stood behind me and I am you also really grateful. ♡ (I write in an answer further because that is here too long and no longer hinpasst)

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Hey, so I think you should sometimes meet with her and talk to her and make her sometimes clear how you feel. If it still interrupts you always just say times "Stop! Now it's my turn!" and if that still does not accept, take your headphones or so and put it to you in the ears and wait until it turns listening. Tell her then everything you wrote here even if it is hard for you, because if you really want that she has sometimes more time for you and so, you do it well, and believe me, then they will only be determined once tranquil be and think about what they say about their soll..sag also you want love to stay her friend when you get it going and you there but only stay if they also accepted that it is not all just to dreht..Du will that determines create! Good luck:)

I feel like a bad friend if I now say that it sometimes seems to me as if she has just used me to no longer be gobbt (as I said, I can appreciate not so good, but it has definitely improved) and better grades get. I am one of the best in our class and it is rather lower midfield, probably because of the fact that they are often lacking in the winter, what a best friend at times, is so difficult, because you are then so alone ... There were times a time when me has everything does not really bother, but you must understand that aie, really listening to me hardly and I then at school no one with whom I can talk (I'm sometimes quite closed, you have to usually develop my confidence pretty hard and everyone else in the class, the worst my former. bf, it have very abused, because the boy was really quite crass, my then bf even has a "blind date" organized (she said, that they want in the city with me and then he was there, because she wrote it before). I still have a second best friend, but unfortunately it does not go to my school ... We are totally alike and have also always really fun, but can also cry together and with it I can really talk about anything. Anyway, I just do not know what to do och, I'm the only friend of hers (so my bf on my school). If I did not do anything more with it, they would probably come back and no one would be bullied again and I would not actually. But on the other side we are totally different, they barely have time for me (if it comes up we meet 2 times a month. And when we do something again, then we must always do what they want though I mostly not like) ...: (this makes me sad sometimes totally by how it treats me and she does not even notice they also know very well that I do not like it when you hugged me around the shoulders (long story. ), but she does it anyway ... you just take no consideration for me and even though I really do my best to be a good friend :( When she once had problems because she quarreled with her bf from skiing and cried, I offered her to go to her, even though it was late in the evening ... and as I said, we usually do what they want, even if they know that I do not like that. and it can really tell me everything when they want, and I'll try it as best we can assist (sometimes really hard if you can not understand if you do not know the whole people of which she talks ...)

Omg, I feel so bad before, as if I would betray her, but she just does not realize how she sometimes hurt me and this fact also hurt me again ... Please help me ♡♡♡♡♡

I'm terribly sorry that I have so much and especially written so messed up, but please help me, I'll do my real thoughts and sometimes did so sleepless nights because I vorkomme because I so think me wrong from my bf :(

real friends do you recognize when you're doing schelße. which will emerge all and you will see who is behind you

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