Is my dog ​​bill Pregnant?

Hey, I have a 9 (almost 10) months old Havanese dog. She was (or is) in heat and now I noticed that it is swollen to its teat around a bit. But I am 1,000% sure that it was not covered because I was there the whole time and I had only on a leash. We are taking a walk always the same dog (Labrador) encountered but it is nothing more happened than he has sniffed the rump. If he then with his owner did not want to leave (he was always running off leash) I've taken them in his arms and walked away with her while his owner took him to the canvas. Now I'm not sure if that could be a false pregnancy, or is normal, because it was definitely not covered. She's never run away. Am I right with my assumption, and if so, what should I do then (veterinarian, etc.)? I've done a bit clever about a false pregnancy but there is that until at least 4 weeks after the heat begins and that can not well be because the heat just back is a few days, mine is also only noticed a few days ago. Do not mothered her toys and is otherwise the same as always, very playful and such. With the seizure it is rather normal, one day, she eats and then again not because they are not hungry or want to eat something else that has remained that way. I've also read that one then the veterinarian gets medication, is it? And what would be a castration because I'm really afraid that she will get puppies. I really wanted MAYBE times in a few years of their one litter but as I'm not sure because I do not know if I will have time and inclination to care for puppies around the clock to me. Or would you recommend to let neutering? I hope someone can help with my questions someone Experienced. Only serious answers! Thank you apologize in advance and LG :)

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Certainly, the many causes have and therefore I would to substitute me, call in a veterinarian or in a clinic and ask there. But You write that it makes you no ill impression and otherwise sets no unusual behavior on the day. It can not be wrong also, they just the next few days to continue to monitor. The problem with most pet owners is that they run to the vet immediately (I count also sometimes), although there were not even necessary. Question you always, whether you yourself would go to the doctor with such a thing and if you have a clear yes to this question, then bring your pet also go to the doctor. Or course, always when it behaves conspicuously.

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