Is my dog ​​depression fallen victim?

Our pride always consisted of 4 dogs - a 12 year old Golden Retriever, a 9-year-old mix, a 3 year old Border Collie and a further mix of 1 1/2 years.

A week ago we had a heavy heart of the 12-year-old leader Rudel goodbye which unfortunately lost the battle against cancer. We let the other dogs again smell her, to say goodbye and each reacted differently to it. The 9 year old male has best coped with by all, the small mixed breed dog responded with nausea at the sight, but calmed down quite fix again. However, to me makes my Border Collie worry ..

He looked at everything and then put next to me and wanted to be petted. I found that not funny because he always arrives and wants to be gepüngelt. But a day later, I noticed that the Border had changed a bit. While walking, he did not go ten feet away before, but stayed the whole time beside me and ran away. He has no desire to play with the other and lies down in the house to where it has otherwise never located. Overall, it has become very quiet and want more attention from me than before eating, it does normally.

But somehow I'm still thinking .. the death has taken him so much? Is that gone or can because serious depression develop out of it?

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It's only 1 week. Give your dog time. Even dogs mourn and need time. Can also be that she has fear of loss.

I had 3 dogs and in December died my old bitch. My dog ​​needed good 3 weeks for his grief. My little bitch not GSD.

You can support the homoöpatischen means Ignatia D6. Small dogs 3 x3 Globolis, large dogs 3 x 5 Globolis.

In your pack and just adds that this only once again must organize - who we Leittier etc. This just takes a while.

Under Open to things with your dogs, they find particularly great, go to new places, etc. and get them easily from their grief a little out. Even petting, stroking, Security hift.

But above all, give them time.

My condolences to your loss.

I wish you and your pack a lot of power


After a week, I would not panic. He must come to terms with the new situation precisely and thus obviously takes longer than the other members of the pack. It also sounds a little, as if you "keep an eye", may he currently has fear of losing more persons - or he tries himself to take the lead, but do not quite like. There is the question of whether he sticks rather actively or passively to you.

dogs mourn and every verarbetet dog ds nadrs, my border -mix was half a year died völllig of the role as our first bitch ... he did not want to eat much mhr, shortened from walks etc .. it was a trauerspeil. only when we got a new mate for him, it was better ...

do a lot with your pet, many new routes etc ..

herzlices beielid

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