Is my dog ​​sick?

My dog ​​goes for a few days in a circle to rotate in a full circle every 2 minutes. Is this a disease or is this normal?

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So some dogs are just so and from the crater and just want to play so it's nothing bad:)

I unfortunately do not know my way, but maybe he has something on the tail that bothers him and he caught möchte..manchmal maybe they do not come off so when cleaning. But as I said no pets, go if you're not sure that you eliminate risk rather to the vet can ask or in a dog school, because there are certainly free advice.

If that were normally would you not ask here or?

Wiso one sees only about days like an animal tortures himself and then Sunday night, one wonders whether the net so what is normal ....

No, that is not normal and needs to be urgently clarified the vet! So please equal the morning to the vet or even better in a veterinary clinic just like you that this is describing a neurological disorder. If the dog has received a blow to the head? or is playing somewhere against cracked his head? he eats normal? or he has no appetite and has decreased? If it now would be a Cavalier and no Rotti I would say the brain pushes against the skull ... at Cavaliers a common disease and genetic, but actually rather unusual in Rotti, I hope for you that it is not a tumor.

If the tick season would could meningitis serve but there is the wrong time of year

Hello ^^

pu is difficult how old is he? he diseases? how often does it happen? I once had a dog who had behaved so similar, however, he was already old and ziehmlich well with him there were signs of a stroke, get the best to the doctor with him. ^^

lg and good luck for your dog ^^

normally not! go tomorrow to vet and let your abchecken rotti! good luck!

If I were dog and my Dad would hang 10 hours a day on the PC, I got a OCD .......

What would you do with a child exhibiting such anomalies?

To appeal to your sense of responsibility again: Tomorrow is Monday and you've got certainly time enough to introduce your Rottweiler your veterinarian ... ???

or is this normal?

NORMAL is certainly different !!!

Which breed of dog? Dobbermann?

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