Is my Emma a list dog

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It is either an American Bull, Staff or Pit or a mix of one or more of the races.

In many states include all three race to the list dogs, in some even the last two. If from state to state vary. Go on the link below - scroll down and then you can find the list, which breed in the country is on the list. The definition which means that you can find there.

Even mixes deemed List dogs when one of mitgemischten breeds, the list belongs.

But there are also mixes that look like and where no list dog was involved. If you can not prove that but (whatever it is), there may be problems.

Therefore you inform about the applicable regulations in your state and ask if necessary. With your local municipality to.

My dog ​​looked like from - probably an American Bull or mix of AB and Staff. 5 veterinarians kept saying "Boxermix". But everyone else (including the police) were sure that there is an AB or AB-Mix. Therefore, I have inquired about everything. Better is, because if ever something happens or simply etc. controls the police, one of the dog can be taken away, he should be among the Listis and you do not have the requirements.

List Dogs:

Hi do you come from Germany, Switzerland or Austria? In which state do you live?

Could EVLT be a mix with a pit bull or perhaps even a purebred American Bulldog?

In NRW, this dog would aufjeden case a list dog. And would if it is not registered and there are confiscated blows up, so for example, like this: http: // ...

Hello, whether it is a "colloquial" "list Dog" depends on what race or mix-breed it belongs.

There is an unofficial list at Wikipedia called "race list" - all breeds, which are summarized here in the 16 state dog laws, as "Dangerous dogs" are declared. If the breed of your dog in it, he is a "list dog".

You can read if the breed of your dog is considered "dangerous" in your State in the country's dog law of your state.

Do you come from Lower Saxony, your dog is not considered as "dangerous" by the law, because there is no race as "dangerous" applies.

The dog in the photo is definitely a list dog.

He may be a staff or Pit Mix - If it is relatively large, which one does not recognize this, he can also be a Dogo mix.

What do you need this information?

that should be a responsible dog owner but know selbser!

if you live in a federal state that Staford terrier or pit bulls and their mixed race as specify list dogs, you must keep the dog under certain pads and must have had animal shelter dog from a ...

Who has knowledge of breeds, will answer this question with "yes". At least what's in it, what is on the list in many countries.

Your Emma is logged as in the community? In which state do you live? In Niedersachsen no cock crows afterwards.

You have to know what all plug in there actually. But let it do a genetic test. Then you'll see exactly what everything stuck for cups inside. And that exactly even on percent

yes that is a list of dog, but not change the fact that they may be is a super dog /

looking for a am.stafford out, so yes, but comes to your federal state depends. eg are liste dogs in nrw, I think I bayern glaaube (!) and Hesse. fact remains that the great dogs jönnen be, as long as they do not know that / they are "fighting dogs" So those are used. beautiful dog!

That's all I know to the state of!

Yes. but comes to the state in which you live.

Judging yes In appearance. Sooooo cute!

That comes but also matters in which German state you live ...

In Lower Saxony, for example, there's no list dogs ...

Yes. But what has this to say already. Even those dogs can a perfect and loving companion for life to be .. So sweet * - *

Yes, hope your the one who is the you educate him correctly, can grip properly whom they want, but is a very Beautiful dog! :)

Yes, a very sweet dog list: D

Oh how sweet you have a degree ever so asked a question and I answered and you've had no picture reingestellt ... And I think so ...

I do not know but sweetly ︝

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