Is my myopia illness?

Hello. I am now 21 years old and with 14 I had no glasses. Today I was again at the ophthalmologist uuuund like every time my values ​​have so deteriorated. Now I have already -5 diopters! The whole in 7 years, is this normal?

Yes, I work on computers a lot but that's why the same as a violent development? I can get myself every six months a new pair of glasses / contact lenses because I have again a half to a full diopter less ..

I have to be scared blind. How far is this going to go? How much Diotrien can get?

Can all be disease related? I suffer from Hashimoto (thyroid autoimmune disease), but I am well controlled on medication. I'm fine and bloodwork are also OK Can it have a different cause?

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Good morning nanulalu. Vorneweg same times the following, do not drive you crazy. Just because you need with 21 -5 diopters, you do not erblindest certainly. A disease in the strict sense, it is not. The main cause is certainly with you the length of your eye. They have grown too long and the next 5-8 years and grow even further, likely. Best you look times the net for myopia, there is well described. Whether this continues every six months or until 1 year of 0.5 D more or not, no one knows in advance. How many diopters can get you asking. The strongest, what I have experienced in my 45 years as an optician, were at a 19-year old in the right eye and the left -31 -34 diopters, There's really no point in between. Of You're still quite a long way away. Whether PC work affects the length of the eye, even the experts can not say for sure, because there is the wildest conjectures. The extent to affect your illness and the tablets, you must your (professional) ask physician.
So, stay loose and became you, that there is such a thing as eyeglasses / contact lenses with which you may as well see how each Rechtsichtige.

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