Is my power supply is broken or something else?

I'm not sure if my power supply is broken me. Partially Boots my PC not sometimes he turns off, Windows Explorer crashes repeatedly. Forgot my PSU tries with the zero method method but does not start. When I connect the power cable to the motherboard the PC starts but.

The best answer

take voltmeter, often measured on a free plug times, especially the 5-volt supply voltage. If the on different measurements of time (and also after various duration or different high temperature) provides reasonably consistent values, then the power supply is probably not the problem candidate.

The fact that a power supply without inserted mainboard connector provides no juice is not uncommon. Many PC power supplies are reliant on a minimum amount of current is taken from all tensions they provide.

Only otherwise demand times to security: it can not be accidental that your CPU cooler has accepted, or not clever sits on top? That brings namely occasionally very "funny" effects ...

When you have the PC last cleaned inside?

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