Is my weight normal for my age / size?

Hi I have a quick question, namely:. I am 15 years old, male, 1.76 meters tall and weighing 66 Kg Is this normal for my age / weight?

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Weight changes frequently during puberty. Is with me as well, I always phases where I get stuck on a weight constant and then within a month to once again 5 kilos increasing.

Your weight is normal for your size, but it is so at all it looks like your character. Some weigh more because they have more muscle. Yes everything is normal :) your BMI is 21.3

That you can online to find out yourself by your measurements and age and weight into a BMI - typing machines.

Yes normal! but fits ca 60- 68kg's normal

you have a very good weight

Yes, you are normal weight (BMI 21.3). Everything alright.

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