Is poisoned my dog ​​?? : 0

I was on Saturday with my dog ​​(chihuahua rude 1 year old) and a walk in a bush, he then found meat! It was cut and he has not fully swallowed I got it in time out of his mouth. Today I've seen his gums turned white !! What's wrong with him :(

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Go to the vet, but very quickly, ask here for God's sake do not lay, go by the computer off, take your dog to the vet and down. lg Lilo

Please go as quick as possible with your dog to the vet, to notdiesnt or in an animal Klink (Which have a 24 hour service)

could have been rat poison. As for TA, wenns poison was one every second. Hochdosioert Vitam in K

Go to the vet. Safe is safe well soon

Go to the vet !!! Why here all believe almost always, one would find cheap answers to medical questions here? The with your dog does not sound good, but without an investigation can hardly say exactly what it is!

Why do not you for TA instead create ne question here?

Make sure you also ne question if you've cut your finger? ...

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