Is primark expensive or cheap

Hey we take the class to Saarbruecken and we can then go shopping and do all in primark I've never been as expensive / cheap is primark actually how much money would be enough to you for shopping at primark

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Primark is very cheap .. you get there shoes for € 3 and also T-shirts, hoodies and jeans for 10 €, etc. so it does not need to shop for a lot of money to there.

However, accordingly, the quality, the things do not last very long, reek of chemicals and in the news was indeed already reported by the masses of goods.

You have to know if you want to spend money for it, I think it is a waste of money because you have the stuff hardly anything .. then rather expensive and for good quality :)

Primark's cheap and has good stuff - to suffering people in China

You get what you pay for.

Rotz, buy nix, that's all cheap products with poor quality

Primark's cheap, not cheap.

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