is stolen? a plagiarism? help TEXT

I got this text from wikipedia written on my art. is now a plagiarism or ok? I wrote it again and not even copied one to one?

the original

Since the AMA Championship attracted more and more viewers, it was decided in the summer of 1972 to race in the winter. These races should form their own championship, to be held in football or baseball stadiums. The jumps were very quick succession by the lack of space in the stadiums, which was very tiring for the driver, but attractive for the spectators. For this reason, the race distance was shortened by half.


In the summer of 1972 it was decided more and more viewers attracted the race discharge in winter due to which the AMA championship. The races took place in football or baseball stadiums and should own championship form. The jumps were very quick succession, there was relatively little space, it was very tiring for the drivers, but very attractive for the spectators. The race distance was shortened for this reason by half.

thank you

The best answer


You did not literally reproduced, however, mutatis mutandis, of the forth is also a form of reproduction, therefore needs to be made as a quotation recognizable and are equipped with the typical references.

That's plagiarism. Beautiful it if you take a text and the content reflects your own words is.

This is a Plagiat.Du've got just the records changed.


Only the words of a sentence to give into the mixing bowl and re-sort is not enough.

The race distance was shortened for this reason by half.

For this reason, the race distance was shortened by half.

Give to the source, is good.


okay with acknowledgment.

BUT: You should still correct your mistakes.

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