Is that a dialect or accent?

I know the difference between dialect and accent. I will give a presentation about dialects, and have thought up a small question for my ,, public ", the only problem is that I can not answer it himself: 'D

That's why I wanted to ask you whether Swiss German is an accent or a dialect.

I've googled, but received conflicting answers ...

Danke schon mal for perusal or answers :-)

The best answer

Schwiiztertüütsch is a collection of Alemannic dialects. Language is thus Alemannisch which is divided into different dialects. Alemannisch belongs to southern Germans in turn, then part of the High German.

Schwiizertüütsch is about as related as Dutch with the default language.

If now speaks a Swiss standard language, he does so with a Swiss accent. but he speaks Schwiizertüütsch, he said a Swiss dialect. When Americans speak German, he speaks it with an American accent, not dialect.

Schwiizertüütsch incidentally everything a language needs and so many consider linguist Schwiizertüütsch as an independent language. However, it was agreed early on the default language when writing, so that although it is for linguists are quite Rules for schrifltiche Schwiizertüütsch, but these are neither taught nor learned. Thus, the (official) lack literacy and Schwiizertüütsch is not national or official languages ​​of Switzerland.

But we live here in German-speaking Switzerland in a diglossia - we speak the same language and write another.

I would say if you have a dialect, this is what is referred to as High German: Breze Fränkisch: pretzels. An accent is but if you speak High German in some sets or total where someone hears out forth comes as American accent, he speaks German but you can hear where it comes from.

An accent is even if one tries to speak correctly if, for example it comes from another country. Dialect is a language, so to speak, under Languages. So thereabouts.

It is neither a dialect nor a flare. Swiss German is a separate language.

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