is the Altersunterschiied too big?

I'm 15, young 19, still ok?

The best answer

Of course in 3 years itches no more you must stop and stay together and keep the stand one or other will then release the spell f to your friend Children ..... but just enjoy it

yes, too big. .. Imagine how you were 4 years ago. I mean sure, some is because different but IN 4 years you are also a lot different. in this whole margin changed einiges.aber to the same intellectual + emotional level goes in my opinion not even primarily, but:

- 19 (-> 18), he can do some things that you can not (alone legally)

- He is in ner different living situation (possibly already makes education, can drive a car, etc.) and much unabhänginger

-> He has more opportunities, creates dependencies forcibly

- With 19 he certainly has other notions of relationships

- He will probably have even more experience with relationships and sex

- Whether dus want to admit or not ganzne 4 years longer give him a good feeling of superiority (ie he can manipulate you much easier)

if you could trust him absolutely be fine but you have to you to be aware that you embark in an UNSAFE and potentially dangerous situation!

Also I would ask your agency why a 19 year old guy nich looks for a girlfriend in his old !! I'm (also according to experience) strongly believe that there have to do just with the inferior units and disadvantages that you. because of your age have (He can make the relationships only by his perceptions, because you have no experience, he can manipulate you, depending on make, etc.)

Take care of yourself, please

As long as you come clear with clearly :)

Yes is ok even if it is mainly 20 the right chemistry

That's ok by law. So all good.

Yes logo still okay, the only one who has to reckon with stupid comments is it but not so bad

STILL ok. But something critical ..

Former yes? Just pick a boyfriend at your age.

In 20 years, asks there anyway no more to

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