is the answer to the liar paradoxum with pinoccio following?

it says my nose grows straight.

Answer: because it's a lie when he says it, grows his nose SHOULD BE NEXT.

solved paradox?

The best answer

No, the nose grows yes WHILE he's lying, otherwise it would not be a paradox.

The solution is more: It has no nose.

But your solution is also represented, if one puts the lie to the perception, so they nachlagert time.

I find but incorrect, the rate of "Pinocchio's nose grows so therefore, because Pinocchio is a liar holding" is just one of a subjective and thus the paradox resolution linkage. The paradox arises from the contradiction: statement objective and event objectively. This Thomas Theorem makes it: Subjective sensation in the statement and incident objectively, what does not have to be at odds.

Perhaps the paradox is formulated unhappy. Would it be one when Pinocchio would say "My nose will grow equal"?

If he tells the truth, it ceases after a time to grow and go back

Best of times: "The nose grows My nose grows you grow.." .. Maybe it is much faster.

(Therefore, it is not a paradox.)

That "lie" to do with the definition of: to give something knowingly wrong of itself.

Regarding your paradox: He says: "My nose just growing," then that's a lie, because he knows that it does not do to the spoken time.

When he says now: "My nose is growing subsequently": Did he know not whether it does so, and would thus indeed a false statement but not a lie.

But immediately added a note to the latter.

No. This is after before all a matter of definition.

That's with chicken and egg equal easy to solve with different definitions.


No, because then "count" his testimony so again and she listens to grow on. At the moment, however, his statement is re.

Why, surely

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