Is the burning of the eyes when zwiebeschneiden harmful to the eyes even good?

That there is also that there is but hurts good for the body is ... What about the onions, it hurts my eyes? Thank you :)

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When cutting the onion arise (!) By contact of previously separated substances volatile substances that dissolve in the tear fluid and irritates the sensitive cornea of ​​the eye.

Well it is not, in the usual amounts but harmless. The pain signals precisely that these materials are aggressive and it automatically closes his eyes.

The sharper and better the blade, the less Du zermatschst the cells and the less of the burning sulfur compounds. Now and knife thoroughly and also at the beginning of the onion itself also helps.

This is just a protection. The onion secretes gases. These gases rum again the wettest spot in the area, the eyes are looking. Therefore, it helps if you get infected, the tongues when Onions cutting. ;)
Whether it's bad or really good, I do not know. :)

Your eyes do not hurt, but tears, because the onions are very sharp and you notice the focus on the NOSE and the corollary it are just teary eyes

No, that does not hurt. Shut onion under hot water then burns it hardly

No it does not hurt

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