Is the relationship end?

Hey guys, I and my friend argue almost every day over trifles. Almost every day he finds something that bothers me about him, and vice versa (eg. Clothes lying around, house hold in order). The trouble is it's just as I said almost every day!
Should I just try to ignore or shows that my partner has been completed indirect / tired has on me?

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Yes, your relationship kriselt and it shows as in many other cases also with you through disputes and quarrels.

If you ignore it now, then it will end and be getting worse and not better. Ignore is always the worst solution.

Both of you should times in peace talk, whether it still makes sense to you both. What do you like the other? What really bothers you? What problems were perhaps not openly, but instead argued about other things? If something happened, what the other annoys you but do not be confident? Be honest with each other and see if love and trust are still there.

Before you choose this week, you should go in yourself and take stock. Which facets their harmony with each other? What do you like about him? What fits well what suits less? What feelings do you have against him? Do you love him or is it more affection and habit?

Do you share similar values ​​and views? Harmonized sexuality to better times? Bring the time together fun?

I currently have nearly the same problem .. always only controversy and problems. It depends on you and him. I know you both, yes, but if you really want nor his zsm with him, then you should talk about it. I would not do it best at home but more in the public, but not too much, like to sit on a bench outside and talk, because I know it yourself that when you're home alone, a conversation can quickly lead to dispute. Maybe put in an ice cream shop, but in a small corner where no one you can listen .. you know what I mean? : D

If you both have spoken, which is important, because maybe it does not fall on what is going on with you or finds it so different .. then I would suggest to you that you keep a little distance. doing a really good time not constantly sit at long relationship on the other. If you again see you, you both appreciate you much more.

Perhaps this is also just the stress of everyday life and you can you enjoy a weekend for two times and what companies and special plan for two. it's enough going to the movies with eating out then or walk :) Maybe he just needs a lot of stress and grade times a pleasant massage and cook what for him or so ka :)

You seem very stressed and annoyed by it ..

Otherwise, I can only say that it is useless to change jmd, believe me no matter how much he will tell you '' Yes ​​I change myself and become attractive '' (bsp) will never work. I have experiences with it .. If it is so, and you love him, you also have to take it that way.

I would ignore something never! At the end it will bring you again anyway, and you have to say what is bothering you and your friend must ensure that it then you're better and will have him there also be interested (but just as conversely it must be, if he says what bothers him). it must be easy then give the clothes lying on the ground to clear away. is surely not so hard!

Maybe you bring even a third impartial person to and you sit down to third and talks and the third person can appreciate it better.

These are your problems with your partner that you can only clarify her. The Internet does not solve these conflicts.

Is now difficult to assess. Speech time with him. But I finish my relations, once it is no longer so I'm fine.

Assembling and even talk about anything and where you stand and test times rausfinde if he still loves you or you're important to him and then you can draw conclusions

Those who ignore if you have already mentioned several times what is indifferent.

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