Is the set of links of a copyright by Section 97 of the Copyright Act?

We support companies as a cycling club. We want to write something on our blog about this commitment now happy.

The cycling club uploaded on Youtube a clip of their annual Mallorca tours, backed by quite known pop music. I doubt that they have obtained the rights to use the copyright or collecting society. But that can be cleared.

Now the question: if the sports team has not obtained the rights to use the GEMA and we now only link (so to speak about the official "embedding function" of YT) make the Youtube clip, we thus punishable under §97UrhG? We have the clip to create or uploaded to Youtube. He has already been made available in advance to the public.

In short, how it behaves in the Copyright Act with simple link setting? According to this ECJ judgment is allowed: https: // ...

thank you

The best answer

As far as I known, links are allowed and does not constitute copyright infringement, because the copyrighted content are indeed achieved only where they have actually been published.

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