Is there a dog swimming in Germany (Hessen)?

I have a dog and would love to swim with him gehen.Ich find on the Internet but only pools where the dog and man do not swim together but only the dog alone it schwimmt.Gibt a swimming pool for dogs where you can swim with dogs.

The best answer

Something does not yet exist. To my knowledge, there are only these Schwimbäder for dogs without the person really can with pure.

But as the swimming pool in Lorsch does not matter at the end of the season is always a day when the dogs are allowed to swim with owner, before the water is then drained etc. Would I let my dog ​​but in chlorinated water, well more.

But there are some lakes.

From any part of Hessen did you get?

At least in the summer everyone goes pools or the sea. Seen Otherwise nobody has

In Frankfurt there is a large swimming pool dogs, but since the holder can, I do not swim with. That would certainly also be a lot of chaos.

You can at most open lakes to go swimming with your dog ...

I will guide you determined not "forbidden" to do something ...

There are in the Frankfurt area beautifully situated one or the other Stretch ...

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