Is there a minimum age for walking the dog?

I am 12, my sister 14, my brother in August 10, but would probably go walkies even until 12th My parents allow me a dog, but only one person who is not harmless is perhaps slightly larger. At the moment we look for a German Shepherd. But one may 12 gassi with such a dog ALONE? I live in NRW and wanted to know why I've already the Internet itself looked but that was somehow not quite clear :(

Thanks in advance ♡

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Sure, as long as you get along with the dog, which is still not a problem! Educate the dog well and lead him on a leash!

I was 6 years old already alone gassi, but with a slightly smaller dog.

You have it in an emergency just can well keep on a leash! Or does he just obey instantly!

My parents allow me a dog, but only one person who is not harmless is perhaps slightly larger.

I would like to know more? For courage, social relations and self-esteem could be better than a dog.

No, their children must not go alone out without a suitable dog owners.

The respective dog regulations and laws put deliberately laid no age limit. However, there is a passage in each regulation. Namely that the dog can be performed at any time safely.

This is in children and shepherds alone because of Gewichtsdiskrepanz impossible. I would never give a 12-year-old a shepherd by the hand. Unless it weighs 120 kg.

No -you are allowed the dog does not lead, according to national law and regulation dogs need her for a dog that is bigger than 40cm and heavier than 20kg a certificate of competence!

the can be done only from 16th

also each dog must be without danger opposite other dogs or humans!

I think in Nrw need a competence Bach Weis to a dog to keep under it falls 20/40 rule and as a shepherd falls underneath. The certificate of competence can be done from 16th

I am not sure. With us there is a leash and dogs that are sogeführt Maessen no danger for the environment.

I am also always went with 12 alone with the dog for a walk. Of course you can now exaggerate everything and say that you can be kidnapped, etc. but, well ... There is no limitation for unless you go after 20 pm with the dog for a walk ...

(3) Dogs must on public roads, paths and squares and in public parks and recreation areas, provided these do not as freewheeling areas (Appendix 2) are shown, are always done to protect humans and animals from an appropriate person on a leash. Exceptions to this rule are guide dogs, service dogs in police use and Sheepdogs during sheep grazing.

In NRW there are many cities and towns where 40/20 rule is used and which have to follow also.

(That means: dogs with a height about 40cm and / or weighing more than 20kg are considered "large dogs" which may not be performed by persons below 16 years in public)

This has nothing to do with the country Dogs Act for dangerous dogs, or dogs list of course valid. For special rules again.

To inquire about exactly you can call the clerk's office of your residence; let you connect to the person responsible for Hundewesen and ask your questions.

So .. Um .. If you live in an Apartment in the city without a garden, then it could be quite tight with a "large" dog. And the dog is also doing so not really a good thing.

And a purebred dog from the breeder will cost a lot of money.

I would take any purebred dog; prefer a mix. The is usually resistant to disease.

And consider well whether you want to have a male or a female. The latter has the advantage to stay quiet when other dogs and cats and barking less (sometimes quite flat rate).

Perhaps you should better read you in Dogs Forum.

Why do you necessarily need a dog "not harmless and greater"?

I do not think that "walk the dog" for a minimum age is pre-write. However, the dog owner has the obligation to his dog to trust only someone who also "dominated" the dog. Anything else would be gross negligence. Place in front of you, the big dog pulls on the leash so that the child can not hold him, and then he bites another passer or running on the road, causing a serious accident. Therefore liability for the dog is absolutely important.

Why do your parents have a dog, the "not harmless" is? You and your siblings have no control over such a large dog like a German Shepherd. He is very strong and will easily break away from you. If he then "not harmless", so dangerous, then you can not hold him more than ever. Do you want that it bites another human, that he may move erratically runs on the road, perhaps causing a car accident involving personal injury and chess ??? Anyway your parents should complete a Haftpflichtvesicherung for the dog. The question is whether the insurance regulated any possible damage when you were kids on the go with the dog. You can plunge all the family so to ruin.

Be reasonable and let you advise in a shelter. A smaller, less dangerous dog is better for you. But Ensures that you can give the Wauwau animal welfare.

Yeah you may that. That's not a crime. Was already at 7 years alone walk.

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