Is there a penalty if you do not, the control mark of his dog with him

We have the "Dog Brand obligation to carry".

What happens when you get pulled over by the police, they want to see the brand and the dog does not carry or you do not have it?

Happened at all what? Punishment? Warning? etc.

The best answer

Whether already there is a contravention of the dog walk when not carrying a dog tag, I do not know. I think you should be able to prove that you own such a mark and the tax paying. With such a '' Mitführ-duty '' but I would not risk anything and accordingly the brand here.

Legal requirement to carry? How's that? Usually there is only a duty to possess ... but whatever. The police will you probably rarely check, but the clerk's office. What is there then, should be on the side of the municipal administration. Anyway: The best way to prevent the is, by attaching the mark on a leash, the collar has the dog namely instantly removed, as I know from personal experience.

But the clerk's office and not the police are responsible, because it is a municipal tax

it may be that you get a cautionary.

my dogs had their brands never by the collar and I do not even know where they are.

but should be If I time controlled the Ortnungsamt in the city calls that can work quietly sometimes.

No! The have a device here, where it is sufficient to provide your name and then you can find yourself as a dog owner of this dog. Can also see directly whether paid. It becomes difficult, however, if you lead an investment dog. As can ever be in it a cautionary. Was there a Beisserei or an accident with your dog, it is more expensive.

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